We Fix Chimneys... The Tall and The Small!

Chase Covers

At the top of the chimney chase is a metal cover. Over time, these will rust and/or pool water. This can allow moisture to enter the home and deteriorate the structure. If you see rust stains on the top of your chimney, it might be time to replace the chase cover.

Each chase cover is custom-made to your specific measurements. We come out and take measurements, then have the cover manufactured off-site. It’s constructed of galvanized metal. Designed to prevent water from pooling, the new chase cover also includes a drip-edge to ensure water sheds off the top and doesn’t run down the siding.

Chase Cover Replacement: starting at $650

Chimney Caps

Prevent birds, squirrels, and other critters from making your chimney their home by adding a chimney cap to your masonry chimney. We use stainless steel caps and offer single-flue and multi-flue caps.

Our technicians carry all common sizes on the truck so be sure to ask when we are out performing your annual service.

Chimney Caps: $99 – $350
Installation: from $99