Call the Professionals!

Sweeping a chimney isn’t all soot and ash… at Flue and Flame, we sweep and inspect wood burning chimneys using advanced knowledge and equipment. Our technicians look for any issues that could lead to fire or smoke in your home and make recommendations that will ensure your system keeps your home and family safe and warm in the cold months.

Our Rates

Masonry or Pre-Fab Chimney: $179
Wood Stove with Metal Chimney or Masonry Thimble: $189
Wood Insert w/o Stainless Steel Liner: $229
Inspection Only (for unused/recently swept chimneys): $129

Chimney Sweep Tips

  • A sweep and inspection is recommended annually or during a real estate sale or transfer.

  • No fires at least 24 hours before your appointment. This allows it to cool before the appointment.

  • We use tarps to protect your home from ash, soot and dust. Furniture will be moved if necessary.

  • A professional vacuum will be used to control ash and soot.

  • Upon completion, you’ll see no soot or ash, and no indication that anyone has been inside your house working on your chimney.

  • We usually sweep from inside your home using a brush fitted to the interior of your flue attached to a flexible rod system. All of the loosened soot and creosote will be contained and none will escape into your air or onto your furnishings. We remove the loosened soot and creosote from the system with a vacuum or shovel.

  • You will receive a report on the condition of your fireplace and chimney system. If the technician noted any damage or indication that your system needs repair before use, he will explain this to you.