Call The Professionals!

Because they involve flame, heat and venting of combustion products, gas fireplace systems require specialized knowledge for optimum performance. If you haven’t had the system serviced in a while, we’ll start with a general service call. Most gas fireplace manufacturers recommend this service annually to ensure optimum safety when using the appliance.

Services Include:

• Inspect gasket seal & glass assembly
• Inspect logs for placement and other issues that could cause sooting
• Clean unit to ensure it is free from dust, cobwebs, debris and pet hair
• Verify burner is secured and properly aligned with pilot or igniter
• Clean burner top & inspect for plugged ports, corrosion or deterioration
• Check for smooth lighting and ignition carryover to all ports
• Ensure pilot flame pattern and strength is proper
• Inspect orifice, thermocouple and thermopile to ensure proper working conditions

If your gas fireplace system isn’t functioning and needs repair, we’ll troubleshoot any issues you are having and plan a repair strategy to get your fireplace in working order again.

General Gas Service Call: $179 plus parts