Leaky, Creaky, Stinky Chimney? We Can Fix That!

Your masonry chimney faces constant exposure to the elements. Over time, it will deteriorate. During the freeze/thaw process, moisture that has penetrated the masonry periodically freezes and expands causing undue stress. This can lead to moisture penetration in the home. At Flue and Flame, we understand chimneys and can provide you with services to extend the life of your chimney and prevent damage to your home’s structure.

Chimney Crown Repair

The chimney crown is the top element of a masonry chimney. Masonry chimneys are built with a crown constructed from common mortar mix that, throughout years of weather abuse, will crack, chip, or deteriorate allowing moisture to enter the home.

We recommend sealing the crown with an elastomeric coating that forms a flexible, waterproof membrane. It’s specifically formulated to repair and protect chimney crowns from water intrusion.

Crown Seal: starting at $349

Masonry Waterproofing

Most masonry materials are porous and will absorb large amounts of water. Common brick is like a sponge, absorbing water and wicking moisture to the chimney interior. Unlike paint or clear sealers that trap water vapors and moisture inside the chimney, our waterproofing agent has been developed specifically for use on masonry chimneys. This formula is vapor-permeable, meaning it allows any moisture that has penetrated the chimney to escape while preventing new moisture from entering the structure.

Waterproofing: starting at $389

Masonry Repointing

Deteriorated mortar joints on the chimneys exterior are entry spots for water. Proper mortar joints have no gaps or missing mortar and are shaped in a way that directs water out of the joint. When mortar deteriorates from exposure to weather, it becomes much more absorbent. A common repair for deteriorated mortar joints is called repointing. In this process, the existing mortar joint is cut to an appropriate depth and the joint is repacked with new mortar. The joint is then cut to form a concave surface that will direct water out of the joint. A good repointing job, using proper materials, will give the chimney a much longer life span, and often will enhance its appearance.

Repointing Services: starting at $289

Flashing Repair

Flashing is the seal between the roofing material and the chimney. Flashing prevents rainwater or snow melt from running down the chimney into living spaces where it can damage ceilings and walls and cause rot in rafters. Over time, the flashing can rust or deteriorate. Our Flashing Sealant is an elastomeric sealant specially formulated to permanently adhere to asphalt shingles, aluminum flashing, brick, and other chimney and roofing materials, protecting your chimney and the structure of your home.

Flashing Seal: $289